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Complete Vocal Tuning Package


Our ‘Complete Track/Song Mixing & Mastering Package’ includes all your needs related to any kind of mixing or mastering service, working on a music track, karaoke, or original song (with/without vocals). You can select among the available options for Delivery Time, Revisions, Number of Tracks, and whether to mix with Vocals or mix without vocals. We blend all the tracks very well and make the final mix sound very smooth. After proper mixing, we master the track/song upto the standards required by various streaming platform and the final product is most euphonious. We will also insert ID3 Tags with the credit owner details, and you will be free to use the product in any commercial form. For more details kindly refer to the service description.

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Service Description


This is our complete package for Mixing and Mastering services. This is very flexible and versatile service plan to choose among various options e.g. delivery time, no. of tracks, and VOX track mixing, according to your requirements. In this package, we offer our high-end technology driven expertise to make your track/song mix sound fuller and wider. We always try and achieve the mix keeping in mind, the genre, expression and mood of the song. Along with the mixing, our mastering service is also included in this package. We will provide you the mastered song in 24-Bit version, mp3 version and streaming platform version. The song will be mastered while keeping the preferences of various audio streaming platform in mind. We will also insert the ID3 tags in the mixed and mastered song with the credit details that you will provide us. You can select the number of revisions you want in the final product. We try and achieve the best possible results while keeping the rates very reasonable which makes our clients to always choose this service for every next project. We apply the complete mixing chain and use our experience to achieve modern, vintage, and classic kind of mixes. If you are planning to make an original song and have your music, and vocals readily recorded then, you can choose this service package to give the most important finishing touch on the track. After getting it done you can upload/post/publish your song to various platforms and showcase your talent.

If you are interested in getting your music produced too then, we also offer some plans regarding music production service i.e. ‘Music Production Service – Platinum Plan’, ‘Music Production Service – Gold Plan’, and ‘Music Production Service – Silver Plan’. Kindly check these plans as they may cover-up your requirements.

NOTE: It is mandatory to give proper credits to ‘THE Sheikh Bros.’ on the platforms wherever you upload/post/publish the content they have provided via their services available on this website.

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No. of Tracks

0 – 30, 30 – 60, 60+

Delivery Time

7 Days, 5 Days, 10 Days

No. of Revisions

3, 5

Commercial Use


Add ID3 Tags


Vocals Addon

No, Yes

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