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Music Production & Sound Design

Mixing & Mastering

Ads Production

Video Editing

The integration of every kind of multimedia production.

A transcendent music with an ineffable videography unitedly forge a product that lures the nous of the onlookers. Our studio came into existence with a reverie to coalesce all these tasks in a single place. 

Providentially, since the  establishment of this studio, we have been successfully fulfilling the needs and the aspirations of our clients. 

Experienced audio & video engineers with passion to details

We have in house audio and video engineers that work on your projects with great expertise.

Musician and Singer with brilliance in music production, mixing, mastering, sound synthesis,, music arrangement, sound design, and every kind of audio recordings. 

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A percussionist with an immense knowledge in beats and rhythm. A video producer & editor with creative perspective in videography, and on-field professionalism.

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Publishing music for 
streaming platforms

We publish and distribute your music and music videos to different platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, TikTok, Saavn, Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion, Deezer, Napster, Pandora, TIDAL, Instagram Music, Patreon, IGTV, Metacafe etc.

High end mastering and
mixing technology

With great precision, we make your musical elements blend together which makes them sonically sublime and hence provide the required mixing to your music. To enhace the real quality of your music, we provide the best, concinnous mastering to your project.

Production Music and Music Videos

If you have a song idea in your mind then, we can compose and produce music for that song using music theory and our creativity for the best possible result. Along with an awesome music/song, you must have an amazing video and for that, we offer the production of various kinds of relevant and eye-catching videos for you.

Recording and Streaming instruments
and band sessions

Our studio is equipped with high-standard music recording, and video capturing hardware. So, if you are willing to record live multi-instruments for your song/music and/or broadcast your live sessions. Then, this is the place.


”I had a tune in my mind which I shared with these guys. They soon understood and produced the music for it, just as I had imagined. They helped me with editing the lyrics also. And, at last, my song’s lyrical video is also created by them.

Ankit Tyagi
from Uttarakhand

Contact us if you have any
questions or just send us
your mixes

We feel very happy to chat with our clients because a healthy conversation in a project paves the way to have better coordination and hence better results. So, we encourage you to always share whatever you have in your mind regarding your project without any hesitation. 🙂